See Video of Mushin Boys Confronted 1Million on Their Visit to Mushin

The popular “1 Million Boys” have met their match in the local vigilante gang of Nigerian slum in Mushin. The street boys in Mushin were armed to teeth with Machete and their favourite beer bottles as the came fire-for-fire with the ever violent “1 million boys” who even wrote to them to inform them of their coming and demand for their cooperation to ensure a peaceful operation in Mushin.


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The “1 million boys” had something else coming when they got more than they bargained, the 1 million boys were outnumbered and outgunned by the unemployed youths in Mushin – they came for them with all they had.


The Nigerian police later showed up to keep the peace and security of the citizens, took the hooligans into custody and no official statement as been made yet either by the Lagos State Command or the Lagos State government.

Watch the video below;

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