Proven Reason Why Blog Promotion Should Be Preferable To Audiomack

Proven Reason Why Blog Promotion Should Be Preferable To Audiomack

It is quite understandable that most upcoming artistes now leave bloggers out whenever they try to promote their songs.

This is due to the emergence of different free music uploading websites which has given room for people to have access to their songs. Some of those websites include Audiomack, Apple store and many more.

Are they better than blog promotion?

No, they are not. Likewise a blogger’s website, they give you free access to work for them and make it seem like they are doing you a great favour.

What do I need to know about free uploading website?

Free uploading website, with an in-depth review of audiomack, is actually a form of exploitation in disguise through the following ways;

  • They enrich their platform with your talent and creativity;
  • They make you drag people to their sites;

Why the creativity when you can also venture into music promotion by yourself? This can be likened to a saying that goes thus, “nothing is free, but can look approximately free”. While all this premium one like iTunes and many more employ a different strategy which will make you earn little or no amount compared to what they are making on you, these monetised music upload websites are super cool.

Why going through the stress?

Why do you then go through the stress of promotion when bloggers can handle your promotion and share with fellow bloggers while you sit back?

What makes a blog promotion better?

You may be thinking what actually makes a blog promotion better. Not to worry, I will take my time to illuminate the reasons to you;

  • Visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

A good search console and sitemap submission is what will aid your music to appear on google anytime your fans search for it on google or any of those listed above, of which these uploading platforms spend little or no time on as they believed to have employed you to work your ass out for them.
Anytime a blogger upload your song, it appears on google definitely. It is the joy of every businessman to be accessible to the world, not to talk of upcoming artistes craving for fame like a time space between day and night.

Blogger promote Blogger in music promotion.

Proven Reason Why Blog Promotion Should Be Preferable To Audiomack

No blogger will upload your song without providing additional link. They offer good service which makes your song worth posting. This, therefore, ensures the accessibility of your song on more sites.

  • It is a start to online biography.

Blog promotion is a great tool for gaining awareness online. As they will tend to know you as time goes on, even when they type just your name on search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc., not to talk of your track title.

Which one is now better?

I am not trying to wage war on free uploading platforms. I am just trying to let you measure the weight of what they offer and let you decide. Though, it is always good to take down two birds with a stone throw.

Do you have a change of mind? Are you looking for a way to contact us?

Proven Reason Why Blog Promotion Should Be Preferable To Audiomack

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