BokoHaram: Nigerians Army Losses More Soldiers in Recent Face-off

Nigerians Army Losses More SoldiersNigerians Army Losses More Soldiers

The Federal government has time besides numbers said that Boko Haram/Islamic States of West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorists have been technically defeated however Nigerian Army has loss troopers in the latest face off with the insurgents.

Although the Nigerian Army has recorded a large success in the battle against the insurgents in Nigeria specifically in Northeastern section of the country, it has additionally loss many of it soldiers.

The Boko Haram Islamic terrorists was said to have start it operation on an account that Western Education and Christianity is prohibited and they don’t want it in their land.

The rebel have been kicking assaults on communities, abuduct many people and separate many households in disarray.

They had been stated to have been in existence considering the fact that 2009 all through the late president, Umaru Musa Yaradua’s administration.

Boko Haram broke into two: the old Boko Haram and the Islamic States of West Africa Province (ISWAP) following disagreement between it fighters who have been attacking both civilians and the military and the other lunching assaults on the military only.

Nigerian Army in current attacks on the Islamic sects said, most of the key contributors of the sects have been killed and have been defeated technically.

Furthermore, the Chadians Army recorded a massive success in fighting Boko Haram after they lunched attacked on them, killed extra than 1000 of it combatants in retaliation for killing it troopers in an ambush on March 23, 2020.

Chadian Army led through their president Idrisi Debby, called on the Nigerian Army to come and take over territory recovered from the terrorists, ever due to the fact then Nigerians Army forces have been lunching lethal attack on them, killed many of it fighters, after the Army Chief of staff, Turkura Buratai relocated to Borno.

However, Nigerian Army loses extra troopers in recent face-off with Boko Haram terrorists. Here are some of the images of some troopers killed in the face-off with the terrorists.

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