Ghanian Bus Passengers Run Out Of Commercial Bus As 2 Chinese Boarded (Watch Video)

A hilarious video circulating online show passengers of a commercial bus fleeing out of fear of contracting Coronavirus from two Chinese men who boarded the vehicle.

The deadly novel virus which has fast become a pandemic originated from Chinese province of Wuhan and spread to other provinces before eventually taking over the globe.

In the video, the Sprinter bus painted green and yellow is almost empty as all passengers who had been seated ran out with alacrity after noticing the Chinese passengers.

Although China is making significant headway in containing the COVID-19, other countries like the US, France, Italy, and many others continue to feel the brunt of its outbreak.

Currently, 3,49,676 people have been infected by the virus across the globe,15,303 have died and 100,340 infected people have recovered.

Ghana’s confirmed cases have risen to 24 with one death.

A disinfection exercise is underway in all markets within the capital city Accra which appears to be the hardest in terms of the spread of the virus.

Watch the video below:-

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