Cadbury’s Dream Bars Are Being Sold in the UK – But Not For Long (see photos)

Cadbury’s are finally bringing back their loved Dream bars, but they’re only being sold in B&M (Billington & Mayman)


After 10 years , Cadburys have officially brought in their dream bars back into the United kingdom (UK)

The Dream bars were officially launched back in 2000, but since they didn’t get much popularity in the UK, were pulled from stores.

But now,
B&M has confirmed to Ladbible that the latest rumours are true, that the dream bars are back and fans can purchase 180 gram of the chocolate good ness for as low as €2.99 which is approximately N3,000 in Nigeria (Naira currency)

If you have ever had the desire and pleasure of trying a Dream bar, it is creamy white chocolate bar similar to your favourite Milkybar, which Is made by Nestles.

Happiness grew as John Davies from Johnssnacksreview  revealed the news after spotting them in a B&M store.




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