Apostle suleman speaks on Excuses

The general overseer of omega fire ministries international, Apostle Suleman nicknamed “The Oracle” speaks on excuses to his fans on Twitter and members across the world.

In a post made today being 6th may, 2020, the Holy ghost filled man of God posted on his Twitter account concerning not doing something as a result of one excuse or the other.

Apostle Suleman in his official Twitter handle quoted

“If you really want to do something,you will find a way…if you dont want to do it,you will find an excuse..”

Apostle Suleman speaks on excuses

Of a truth, this is something people need to embrace because lot of people in today’s society make lot of excuses which are not worth giving.

I sincerely agree with apostle Suleman especially in the part where he said “if you do not want to do something, you will be left than to find an excuse”

So, you need to be worried or ask yourself if the excuse is worth it…when you put yourself in that position and you like it, then it may be worth an excuse, but if you can’t take it then it is a meaningless excuse.

I believe you can always find a way to do anything you really wanna do.

Speaking on this, many twitter users responded positively to apostle Suleman’s speech on excuses.

See reactions below


Absolutely!….Obstacles are like stepping stones for a determined person…! We will keep pressing until our excuses get tired of us.


Your destiny’s is in your hand….you are blessed man of God..


No excuse here sir…just found THE WAY!

You can see it in picture too..look below

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