BabyDot: Earn Passive Polkadot Through Auto-Staking

Hey, heard about the new trendy babydot which is skyrocketing on and on. You know why I said it is going on and on, it is because the increase is mad and nonstop. Com’on guys, I saw Babydot at 2,900$ by this time yesterday and guess what, in less than 6hrs, babydot went from 2k+$ to 4000$ plus and still booming.

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Here, we are going to take a little look at the coin and figure out one or two things about Babydot through information gotten from reddit. Alright?..o yeah.

BabyDot: Earn Passive Polkadot Through Auto-StakingRecommended: Position Exchange: New Decentralized Trading and Exchange Platform

BabyDot is the next big Earn Coin which doesn’t just simply let you earn passive Polkadot through auto-staking (Staking while your tokens sit in the safety of your wallet!) but also allows you to compound your earnings by re-investing back into the token through the website! Claiming itself will be neat, simple and straightforward: you can claim your Polkadot coins at any time you wish by using the claim token from the website!

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Anti-dump protection/Anti-whale protection

What’s more, there are anti-whale and anti-dumping measures in place.

No single wallet can own more than 1% of the starting supply at any one point of time and there will be a sell lock so that sellers are locked from selling again for 30 minutes.

This will ensure that no one is able to take control of too much of the supply and dump all of it at once.

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As far as the team is concerned, it is a community-led token, by the contract is being developed and deployed by the same developers who were behind the massively successful token, Earn Ada, which managed to reach a market capitalisation of over 3 million at its All Time High.

So you can rest assure that all key aspects of the contract have been thoroughly checked, and there is no scope for smart contract failure, or of a rug or scam for that matter!

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A part of each transaction will go to Auto-LP, and a part of it will go towards Polkadot reflections. The total supply will be limited to 101 coins.


BabyDOT will be having a ‘whitelisted’ fair launch meaning that for the first 2 minutes, whitelisted addresses will be able to purchase their coins with 20% less tax than normal buyers.




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