TRAGIC! SARS Operatives Beat Funaab Students At Viewing Center, While Watching Liverpool’s Match (Photos)

Funaab students were in for a shock while they were at a football viewing center close to the school gate watching the epic Champions league match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid last night.

According to one of the victim:

As the match drew to a close, unexpectedly the generator went off and the whole viewing center went dark, students thought it was a technical fault.

Neither did they know darkness had a surprise for them. Here’s a victim story.

“Within seconds, SARS operatives waded in and one of them flashed a torch. Another SARS officer entered wielding a plank and started to beat students at the entrance. Before everyone could guess what was happening, we all scampered for safety.

“There was pandemonium everywhere and we all we’re trying to get out of the viewing center and not get arrested.”

“On getting to the exit, we didn’t know they had set a bait for us. There was only one small exit and we all we’re trooping to make it out. Hence, a stampede occurred, people were falling down and the people who made it out were climbing bodies.”

“Still, these policemen were flogging people who were on the ground. Like you’re on the floor, being stepped upon and policemen were beating people. Most of us sustained deep wounds and serious injuries. It wasn’t funny at all. To watch match in peace is now a crime?”

The Backstory:

Funaab has been in the news lately with different security operatives periodically visiting the school’s environment to harass students. SARSNDLEA and EFCC have all made it a practice to organize a monthly check up on these students. This has led to frequent stop and search harassment, students being locked up unlawfully and varying degrees of extortion from these security operatives.

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One of the victims said:

“We aren’t saying they shouldn’t do their jobs but unnecessary stop and search when I have done nothing wrong is unlawful. And when they see they can’t pin anything on you, they demand for money. A friend of mine has slept in the cell for a whole day just because he couldn’t pay them.” a student says.

The Role Of The Students Union:

You might question if the students’ union doesn’t have a voice, but then the students’ union is just a puppet of the school’s administration. And the school’s administration has given these security operatives a go-ahead from last year to always “sanitize the school environment”

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See Graphic Photos Below:


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