TRAGEDY!! 12-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide


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A 12-year-old boy committed suicide in the Autonomous Community of Agboala Ishiala Umudi in the Nkwerre council area of ​​the state of Imo following the death of his parents.

The boy, identified as Kasarachi Odurukwe, was until his death last Wednesday, an elementary student at the Umudi School of Practice.He committed suicide by hanging on a rope in an Indian bamboo tree.According to village sources, the boy and two younger brothers had lost their parents and had been living with their mother’s sister in that village.

It was deduced that the deceased had been complaining about how boring the world had been for him.One of the villagers said that the boy “jokingly would tell his classmates that he wants to die and meet his mother in heaven.”It was deduced that on Wednesday, Kasarachi had taken his two brothers and two other children to a nearby stream to get water.Upon arriving at the stream, it was said that Kasarachi had helped the other children fill their cans while using a long stick to check the department of the stream.One of the sources told The Nation:

Not being satisfied with the shallow water department, it was said that the deceased took a rope and tied it to a bamboo tree. But his first and second attempts at suicide failed while the other children begged him to stop. “” It was the third attempt that in an Indian bamboo tree stronger than the rope strangled him to death. “That action shook the other children, who ran back to the village to report the incident to the elders of the family and the villagers.”


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