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The social media is a powerful space. Besides reducing our vast and diverse world into one digital village, it has empowered a new generation of celebrities whose validation is entirely dependent on their social media followership. This is not without attendant advantages, and dangers. Some days ago, former Big Brother Naija housemate, popularly known as Tboss did an Instagram live video in which she performed some sort of catharsis as a response to a comment made about her daughter. Reactions have since trailed this video, mostly a mix of the funny, frank and interesting.

Tboss posted pictures of her and her daughter, and as is normal for a celebrity with her number of online following, drew so many comments. One of such comments referred to Tboss’s daughter as ugly and not special. As it appears, this comment really got to Tboss and she could not help bursting in tears as she was live on Instagram. To many, Tboss’s reaction amounts to making a mountain out of a molehill. To them, who cries over a social media comment? To some others, Tboss could just be so weak emotionally to handle such a caustic remark about her beloved daughter. Popular rapper, Vector even suggested she might be suffering from hormonal imbalances. A rather cynical, but not improbable explanation is that it was all an attention seeking stunt by Tboss.

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Whichever position anyone might take, Tboss’s outburst is another pointer to how mighty an influence the social media is on our generation. For a start, more people get to encroach into our private space on social media if extra care is not taken. Imagine if it was on a print media that Tboss’s pictures were published, how much of people’s opinions would get back to her? There is a lesson for those of us who still value their privacy: don’t put what you don’t want in public space on social media.

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Another lesson to take away from this episode, is that this generation of celebrities, many of whose validation is gotten from the influence of social media, will stop at nothing to gain attention and stay relevant. We’ve seen some who have gone completely nude on live videos just to stay in the news for a few days. So, what’s a bit of sympathetic drama to get people talking about you? A lot of celebrities wouldn’t mind!
To cap it off, rather than being a getaway from their reality, social media is fast becoming the reality for a whole lot of people. That is why an encounter with a cyber bully can be as devastating for some as experiencing it in real life. Also, social media serve as an ego repairer for a lot of people who are having it hard offline. It is why there is a lot of toxic energy out there on social media. These are important things to know if one must have a peaceful time on social media.

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Author : Kayode Akinwumi

About Him : Kayode Akinwumi writes on issues of varied interests, including but not limited to pop culture, economic, political and literary subjects.


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