Revealed!!! Mixing Maggi and Coke Work Like Tramador, New Method to Get High

A Twitter user took to the platform to reveal the new method Arewa women allegedly use to get high and it has shocked other Twitter users.
@koloKennethK tweeted:
“Wow. I just learnt something today. Arewa women are getting high on ?20 Maggi dissolved in ?100 coke (in plastic bottle). With ?120, they get the same feeling tramadol or cough syrup gives.”
Shocked Twitter users asked how this is possible and another Twitter user, @therealdaddymo1 explained, writing:
“Just did a quick search & maybe this might allude to the issue- Opium poppies contain a small amount of opiates used in some seasonings & soda has some mind altering chemicals similar to cocaine, probably not enough to cause a physical dependency but possibly a reaction of both?”
Below are more Twitter reactions on the newly discovered method of highness;


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