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Welcome to the ‘RELATIONSHIP TONIC’ segment of the blog NOWNAIJS. Here, we will be discussing practical and experimental issues you and I encounter in our different relationships, how to curb it and also sharing heartfelt views and opinions on how we can improve our lifestyle.

To start our discussion on this segment, we will be discussing a common term in any form of relationship known as ‘Emotion’. According to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, Emotion means a strong feeling such as love, fear or anger; the part of a person’s character that consists of feelings. The basis of every relationship is the emotion attached to both parties.

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Is it possible for a relationship to exist without emotions attached? Or what really is the essence of a relationship without the emotions? Can you yourself dive into a relationship with someone you don’t have feelings or emotions for? Can you?

Feelings come naturally and also can be likened to those butterflies jumping up for joy when you see or engage in any activity with someone you are in love with. Your emotions push you to do some crazy stuff which you won’t even think of doing on a normal day. Yeah, right? (Winks).

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When you are emotionally attached to someone, you long to hear the person’s voice, you long to speak or even spend time with the person. So many times, thoughts of time spent with the person gives you many more reasons to fall in love over and over with the person. It is important for you and I to know that these feelings and emotions are natural and normal.
Does the English statement that says, ‘Love is crazy’ true?

Is love really crazy?
What crazy stuff have you done for the sake of love?
I will like you to share your opinions and views with me in the comment box.
Ensure you grow more and more in love with your partner. A sweet and love-filled text message will go a long way to making your relationship stronger and better.

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Author : Oyebamiji Grace Adeola
About her : She is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy. Where she studied English. She is in her early 20’s.


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February 21, 2020 10:35 pm

This is inspiring. Emotions glue with relationship. Love is not crazy. Man opens two eye balls to develop true emotions for a fellow man who operates at the same level with him or her. This is it is difficult to develop any serious relationship with an insane. Remain blessed.