Marriage Is Not A Profession

Marriage is not a profession but unfortunately, in this our contemporary world, Ladies now see a relationship or marriage as a ways achieving their dreams which seems financial. They all expect their respective man to atleast give them some token to them at the end of every month or anytime they need money, which make them look like they are dating for money. With this write up we will share the view which is of notion that Marriage is not a profession but we have to do justice to some area which are explained below;

What is marriage?

There is hardly any social institution in the history of man as old as the institution of marriage. The coming together of two people to start another basic unit of society, marriage has been, and continues to be one of the most important institutions in the human society. Although viewed by different people through different lenses of cultural, religious and economic configurations, some things remain basic and constant about marriage, such that it can be discussed in universal terms.

Why marry?

Universal though, as it may be, people have been found to engage in marriage for different reasons. In the Christian tradition of how marriage came to be, God is said to have brought woman to man to serve as a companion. He also later included the task of raising offsprings on their to-do list. This is believed to be the foundation of family in the Christian worldview and that is what many expect marriage to be. Many today, however, are seen engaging in marriage for reasons other than this.
Top of the list of reasons why some individuals seek another to marry is economic. It seems laughable but most of us will admit to having heard several folks, male and female alike, saying their potential spouses must be someone of considerable financial means. In other words, quite a number of people are using marriage as a leverage to attain financial or economic heights. Queerly enough, there are a set of individuals also, who think of the marriage process as more of a recruitment exercise and their potential spouses as employees.
This idea of marriage as some full-time employment has so much pervaded our culture that terms have been coined to express it. It is not unusual to see young women debate whether or not they preferred to become full-time housewives. Neither is it strange to find young men engrossed in discussions weighing the merits and demerits of having a full-time housewife or a working housewife.

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Should marriage then be a profession?

While it is wrong to decide for people what they should want or expect in marriage, it is not out of place to examine what the result of their choices might be. In the light of that, we may ask ourselves, what are the possible outcomes of taking marriage as a profession? Probably the most common and immediate outcome is disappointment. Although under various illusions, the reality eventually dawns on a lot of folks, albeit too late. This reality of economic and financial inadequacy has led to the premature end of a lot of marriages.
Also, quite a lot of people who end up in this arrangement suffer not a little amount of bruises on their ego and self-esteem. This is because the breadwinners in such arrangement tend to see themselves as the pillar of the marriage and the other partner as no more than an employee they can hire and fire at will. The toxicity in situations like this means a lot of people are in barely tolerable relationships in the name of marriage.

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It is true that the requirements of marriage may force some sacrifice from partners in their careers and this generally favours the male gender over the female for some biological reasons. But it is still largely advisable to engage in productive activities outside the marriage. Beyond serving as a kind of support for the family finances, it also establishes individual independence and self-esteem to reasonable extent. It also serves as a cushion in certain unforseen circumstances like the death of a partner or the failure of their business.

We will always respect your view on this, you can always do that through the comment session.

Author : Kayode Akinwumi


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April 6, 2020 7:15 am

Well articulated “owuye”

A friend once asked me one day that “what do you think is the reason for failure in many marriages?”
Having carefully observed,I came to realise that “hyper inflated expectations” from both ends is the root course of the wreckage many marriages had suffered.
And one of the area where this unrealistic expectations is more dominant is on this aspect you’d addressed.

I hope we’ll have a rethink on this and improve our mindsets about marriage.

Thanks for sharing this Owuye,
Your words are duly and seasonal.

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