Lies in Relationship – Gracey

Lies in Relationship

Overtime, it is widely believed and accepted that for one to have and experience a good relationship, it has to be built on trust, loyalty, honesty and faithfulness. Yeah! These terms make a relationship grow stronger. With all these, does that insinuate that there will never be a situation in a relationship for either of the parties to tell lies? Can lies really be avoided in a relationship?
Often times, two lovers find themselves in positions of telling nothing other than lies to each other. This could have been done due to reasons best known to them.
Relationships are meant to expose and uncover naked truths to the other person without lies. Lies seem unavoidable at times especially when you find yourself in a situation or society where it is believed that lies at times display your sense of maturity and wisdom. Doesn’t that give a medal to those who tell lies in relationships?

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Also, it is important for you and I to know that lie has no category. There is neither small nor big lie. Lie is lie. Your disposition or view at times to a discussion with your partner shows the kind of personality you are. Most people tell lies in a relationship to avoid breaking the other person’s heart or trust. They do so to be seen as being wiser and better than any other person. A relationship should be where untold secrets and truths unfold without any iota of lie or doubt.
How do you feel when you tell lies to your partner? Do you feel comfortable or guilty?
A relationship built on lies can not last for long at all.
The question comes again;
Can lies be avoided in a relationship?

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[…] Lies in Relationship – Gracey […]

[…] Read also: Lies in Relationship – Gracey […]