Lagos Landlord Evicts Tenant After Her Friend Visited Her Wearing Anklet


For this matter, we cannot settle as the tenant has June ending to move out from the house or face full wrath of the Landlord after a friend visited her wearing anklet.

The landlord, probably from heaven, doesn’t like what she hate hence her decision to evict her tenant regardless the fact that she hasn’t disobeyed the rules and regulations governing the eyes.

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According to @ynotes, who has put her friend in an uncomfortable situation, she paid her friend in Lagos a visit wearing anklets and since then, the friend has been asked to move out from the house.

She noted that the friend was given 6 months to move out and this month happens to be the last month she has to relocate. Human are amazing, she said, thinking of how a fancy anklet could lead to someone’s destruction.

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But come to think of it, what is with women and anklets?…. Is it for fun or has a spiritual connotation?



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