Just In!!! Many Dead and Injured From Terror Attacks Ordered Yoruba Monarch

According to the report reaching us at about 3:00 am Thurday 16th of April terror was unleashed on Mrs Femi Mafimisebi, Adetomiwa Mafimisebi , Abimbade Mafimisebi and Idowu Ajimosun their security guard on the property which they occupy in Ode Ugbo area of Ilaje Local Government Ondo State.

This is one of the several sinister attacks of Oba Akinruntan Obateru popularly know as Obat against the family of Adebanjo Mafimisebi(deposed Olugbo) carried out by a group of armed men identified to include Bamidele Iwatan, Lowo Monday, Ajimosun Oriola, Akinruntan Eniola, Meduoye Barnabas, one Emiloju(a.k.a police), Omojuwa Ibukun, Ogundere Mapemekun, Ogundere Monday, Omojowo Ajagbuna, Abejoye Emaye and about 50 other men who mentioned that they were carrying out the instructions of Obat.

The members of the family were woken up by gunshots and before they could run for safety, they realized that the compound was already invaded by the armed thugs who were brandishing all sorts of weapons, some had guns, other axes and matchetes.

They harassed and brutalized all the occupants of the property. Adetomiwa who blocked the door to delay their entry and allow others escape through the backdoor had to give in when, he heard one of the men say they should pour petrol and set the house ablaze.
Upon entry Adetomiwa was matcheted and axed on the head. Mrs Femi Mafimisebi was dragged out of her apartment naked, one of the thugs named Eniola tore the only piece of cloth she had on and strangled her until was out of breath.
He also attempted to rape her before one of the leaders stopped him. She was beaten with machete for pleading that her sons be spared. All plea for mercy fell on deaf ears, they pushed them out of the apartment and asked to lie on floor in the compound, they threatened to cut off their legs, before another suggested that they should be burnt alive in one of the buildings. They were already leading them to slaughter, when the leader called for a meeting amongst his members and called them back.
The victims were told that their presence in the town was affecting Obat’s reign as ruler and they should never comeback to the property as their tenure as ruling family has expired. The were escorted out of the property after they striped them of all phones and valuables with strict instructions never to return if they value their lives. While all of this was going on some of the thugs were within town terrorizing villagers, no one could help, everyone was helpless.
The victims were severely dealt with by this daredevils, the brutality meted out to left Adetomiwa defaced with a crack on his skull. Abimbade suffered murderous internal bleeding from the attack, the security Ajimosun Idowu wasn’t spared as well he was axed and thoroughly beaten before they tied him down. A child was also found dead as a result of this terror attack and a concerned citizen posted about it on Facebook
We plead with well meaning Nigerians to call on relevant authorities to investigate this attack carried out by Obateru and his army of terrorists. The police from the Igbokoda Division has obviously been compromised as they have refused to assist us
Source : Twitter


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