How to Survive in Lagos (Proven Way to Survive in Lagos)

How to survive in Lagos, how to make it in lagos, lagos lifestyle, what is lagos, nigeria like and the rest.

It may be that you are in lagos right now or you are planning of making a cross to lagos and you are very worried on how you are going to live to tell the tale in Lagos.

It ought to be that you are coming from Anambra State or Enugu. You need to be guided that lagos lifestyle is pretty exclusive from the other States in Nigeria.

Hey! would you like to hear a very short story of me about my first time in lagos state?


I slept on bus more than the hours I was wide awake due to the fact I used to be coming from Ebonyi state to Lagos. We ate some meals on the way.

I was once in reality shy of consuming my very own meals of which later went into waste.

When we plods close to a location called “Ore” my father woke me up. I did  not comprehend the cause why my father did that, but I used to be in a position to deduce on my own. I don’t know if my deduction is right up to this moment.

So, as we reached Lagos state, I was once requested by way of various humans already staying in ‘Eko’ if I noticed a sign board having the inception

This is lagos. Shine your eyes properly well

This will take us to how lagos is like
How is Lagos nation like ( what is Lagos, Nigeria)

Surviving in Lagos may also appear distinctive due to it nature, however lets quickly seem at the nature of lagos.

  • Lagos is a populous city
  • Lagos State is a hustle environment
  • The state, Lagos is for the strong one
  • The best parks in Nigeria can be discover in Lagos.

I shall take my time to illustrate the nature of lagos listed above for clearer view.

The city of Lagos covers an significant area, coming in with a total of about 1,171.28 square kilometers (452.23 rectangular miles). With the population continuing to grow, and presently exceeding at least 18 million residents.

The population density is noted to be round 6,871 residents per square kilometer (17,800 per square  mile.

Lagos is famous for being the sixth-largest metropolis in the world via metropolis population is known for its seaside resorts, nightlife and activity. Nigeria has 36 states and one of them is Lagos State.

Though it is the smallest kingdom in the country, Lagos remains to be the most populous and a principal financial centre for every Nigerian both for Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo (the three predominant ethnic in Nigeria)

Still taking you to how to live to tell the tale in Lagos, Lagos lifestyle, what is  Lagos, Nigeria like, existence in Lagos, Lagos kingdom improvement issues etc

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Look at the 2nd rationalization of the nature of Lagos in order to survive.

Lagos kingdom is a hustle area, Lagos by no means sleeps. At every point in time, Lagosians are working, hustling to survive. Every street corner is someone’s else business centre, the road sides have turn out to be a capability of livelihood for many citizens. This photograph story captures Lagosians as go about their daily hustle.

Best part in Nigeria can be find in Lagos. Aside from Lagos being the metropolis where you can find yellow buses, they have different brilliant parks and heritages for these in the city and these coming into it.

I will pause small on the splendor of Lagos state, we shall talk about greater in my next article about Lagos.

How to make it in Lagos, how to survive in Lagos, Lagos lifestyle, Lagos development and the host of others are what we have been discussing.

Now, I will take you to the ultimate and a proffered solutions on how to make it in Lagos.

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How to survive in Lagos (proven tactics)

Surviving in Lagos is no longer something this is very easy, however I will unravel the secrets and techniques behind surviving and making it in Lagos. Are you equipped for this journey?

1. Have another Source of Income

To live on in Lagos with a small salary, you want a couple of streams of income. Even those who earn excessive locate it so challenging to live on on one circulation of income, talk-less of you who earns such a low salary.

It may additionally additionally be a familiar anthem in Nigeria, but I recognize genuinely that 50k (N50,000) can hire me a correct self-contain house in Ibadan, Akure – however the reverse is the case in Lagos.

Earning such a low earnings in Lagos which may additionally make it tough to survive in Lagos have to propel you towards thinking deep about different means of making money.

If you work in a precise region the place the pay is very low, and however don’t have time, then I wager you ought to quit.

There are different sources of income that can fetch you cash on the side, a majority of them don’t even need any tangible amount of capital to begin (I will write about it, later on, just subscribe to the publish and get it in your inbox).

If you earn let’s say 30k, and you have some different go of earnings that fetches you 20k or greater monthly. You can spend the 30k profits as you want, and use the different incomes as your monetary savings – doesn’t it sound nice?

2. Learn to go the Distance

Those legs had been made for a purpose, and it was once as soon as designed essentially for trekking.

I am aware when I bought to Lagos newly and then I had to begin my schooling before I got work. During my training in order to survive in Lagos, I usually trek long distances so as to retailer some money for other purposes.

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Then when i started working, i used to be positioned on a 50k salary; I tried to hold up with the bus and bike lifestyle.

Along the line, I observed that I used to be a regular debtor beforehand than the month runs out.

The month I determined to cover some speedy distances with the aid of means of trekking, as a replacement of coming into a tricycle; that was once once when I had adequate to spare even after month end. I knew I had to stay to inform the tale in Lagos with my small salary, that made me take that decision.

Instead of biking just to cover a quick distance, why now not go the distance and shop up the amount of money for some issue a lot larger important?

Imagine you saving one hundred Naira from your transport fare daily, couple with your essential savings?

Remember all our discuss centres on How to make it in Lagos, how to live on in lagos, lagos lifestyle, what is lagos, nigeria like and lagos kingdom improvement effects on lagosians.

Let’s move on

3. Flexing isn’t intended for everyone

Have you ever flexed in Lagos in particular in locations like mushin, Bariga, shomolu, Ajegunle etc.

Hey, all those places are so warm and mad to party. I should take into account how we rocked it in the course of my secondary school level, but it virtually made surviving in Lagos so hard for me and I understand with the continuity that I am no longer going to make it in Lagos.


It would maybe be tempting to certainly go out and catch your exciting as soon as in a while, however if you are to live on in Lagos with a small salary, then you strike this off your to-do list.

If you earn a small earnings in Lagos, then I don’t count on flexing is for you.

If you insist on spending 5k each weekend simply to seize fun, you have to comprehend that.

5,000 x 4weeks = 20,000 naira.

Imagine you earn 50,000 Naira, how would you manipulate and get these goals in your head come to pass?

4. Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Gambling (Bet9ja, sportybet, Nairabet)

Data Bundles (For streaming stay videos)

Recharge Cards spending, etc. ought to be avoided.

The cause is not to continue to be like this for life; it is genuinely supposed to be a segment of difficult financial savings even as ready for higher opportunities.

You prefer to have some money that would help you engage in things that would beautify your job search.

If you spend all your cash on the above, which one would you use to gather schooling and certifications that can provide you an thing in the job search market?

Lagos is crammed with opportunities, but you have to sacrifice lots of things simply to continue to be there. To continue to exist in Lagos with a small salary is a full-time job on its own, so you have to be thinking how you spend unnecessarily.

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5. Get a lady friend and end fuc*ing prostitutes.

I will urge you not to spend on your challenging earned money on some ashawos (prostitutes).

Those girls that do wear bum short, bra and the rest calling us “fine boy, pls come and do”

See, I will advice you not to do due to the fact these that have been doing it has continually discover it hard to continue to exist or they even leave out avenue on how to make it in Lagos.

Just think about you go out in the morning by way of 6am and return by using 10pm then you decide to carry your earned money throughout hustle in lagos or different locations to one ashawo woman or to revel in Toto… Not even as one-of-a-kind Toto sef.

 How you will get addicted to sound asleep with prostitutes

  • You do quick time today.
  • Tomorrow you do overnight.
  • Before the middle of the month you are broke.

My brother take a bold step and talk to a female and make her your girlfriend.

Believe me you will have enough to save

I would have cherished to mention one of a kind pointers or complex greater on things like;

Feeding (Eating at home),
Cohabiting with friends.

But I reflect on in my heart hat you ought to have recognized already. The integral issue I desire to factor out is that all underpaid job seekers need to endeavour to get other sources of income, whether you are in Lagos or not.

It isn’t difficult beginning it, and it boils down to sheer diligence and difficult work.

If you into any job and you don’t have greater job either in real life or on the Internet. I urge you these days to be part of one. There are lot of earnings website that will pay for doing Minor activities.

Online paying profits program

This is just a bonus for you all who has taken time to read this post.


Also, have you heard of how to print your own cash as a pupil in any Nigeria education.

Oh, you haven’t?

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Coming out soon: how to begin recharge card enterprise as a Nigerian scholar or an workplace work.  I will give you a thorough guide on this in order to shapen your career.

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I do trust you have been enlightened on how to make it in Lagos, how to continue to exist in lagos, lagos lifestyle, what is lagos, nigeria like and the rest.

Awesome right?

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