How to Break Into The Music Industry

How to Break Into The Music Industry

To get the desired result in any type of career pursuit, it requires ones hard work, discipline, patience and consistency. The most reason why we brought this to you from the desk of Nownaijs

Everyone desires success, more like an overnight success in any area of ones interest. For a satisfied success to come through, it does not come easy as it seems. This is also the case in music related career. You want the fame, the money and everything associated with it, then you have to be diligent and hardworking. Determination is another key element in the music industry. For you to have a successful music career without a record label, listed below are 5 dynamic ways to dive well into the industry.

1. Do It Well

So, what is your craft? In a more direct way, what exactly spurred your interest in music? It could possibly be that you love to sing or you love to dance or you are really good at anything related to music. It is important for you to perfect that which you want to be good at in music. Make diverse researches on everything related to music which can be those successful in the music industry, different genres of music whether you have interest in them or not, etc. Ask relevant and important questions in relation to the music industry. Do not stop learning. Do all in your power to bring out the very best in you. Lay firm foundations so that you can be well grounded and established in the music industry. These essentials and more will go a very long way in determining your resilience in the face of any challenge that may come your way in the music industry.

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2. Free Accessibility to the Internet

Basically, it is impossible for you to say that you are not familiar with the internet. Oh Yeah!!! You sure do. Internet has really made life easier in all aspects of life you can ever think of. Different social media platforms, different apps, different blogs (like, different and different means to get yourself online are all at your fingertips to give you any kind of information at any time. Social Media has made quite easy for us to get familiar and get to know more about what is happening in the music industry, for example. You have the opportunity to watch different musicians online and how they perform. You have the free accessibility to been tutored online on how you can dive and build a career in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? You should make use of this opportunity to plant yourself and grow better in your industry. For instance, you can get to have a YouTube channel where you get to upload your videos for people to watch and see how you are doing your thing. Through that, you will be able to broaden your audience base. You have to be familiar and connected to all social media sites that can help you promote your craft. This will also connect you to successful persons in the music industry. You should consider creating accounts on social accounts like; Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and relevant apps that can be used to boost your confidence and career in the music industry.

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3. Connect with people.

There is this saying that goes thus, A Closed Mouth is a Closed Destiny. What do you do? What are you involved in? You should learn to speak out and let people around you know what you are involved in and also get to know about them too. You dont expect people to know what you do without you telling them, do you ? Of course not. This is why you should meet people and connect with them. Network with both successful and upcoming musicians in the industry so as to get more advice and insight from them about the industry is all about. The music industry is extremely competitive. Attend musical events and get to surround yourself with people who are like-minded in the industry. Another saying goes thus, Its not what you know alone, Its who you know. This is to lay more emphasis on the issue of connecting. Surrounding yourself with people of similar interests will create more exposure and opportunities for you in the industry. For every new connection made, try as very much as possible to maintain it.

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4. Work Together

Working together with a fellow musician, successful or upcoming, can end in some creative results. Collaborating and working hand in hand with someone gives you the opportunity to learn more and even force you to put in more efforts. Another advantage you get in working with a musician is that you gain more exposure. It also boosts your fan base with the presence of a new musician performing with you which creates more awareness about you to those yet to know about you.

5. Give It All It Takes

As earlier stated in the first way, consistency is key in any aspect of life you want to be successful at. Be Consistent. Be Diligent. It takes a whole lot of time and effort to be successful in the music industry. You must be ready to give it all it takes to get to that peak youve always wished for. There is no shortcut to success in the music industry, like any other career. You want to be successful and great in this industry, then, give it all it takes.



In Summary, you have to keep learning and making use of opportunities to know more.



Author : Grace Oyebamiji


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June 15, 2020 10:14 am

This is a very good content and very useful to both musical individual and non musical persons.

The writer really did a nice job and I enjoyed the article.

You can also take these tips:

Grow your fan base
Go for concert or street displays
Dominate your territory… Be the king of your area eg king of mushin, king of fadeyi, kind of Abule etc.

I hope we all enjoyed this.