How Facebook Penetrate Into Your Privacy On Your Mobile Device

Let me tell you a secret about Facebook that I bet you do not know about. They now checkmate every action on your phone outside their app[when you are offline] base on their improved policy from February 1st. This is the reason why most arrest of wrong has been a free way by Facebook.


Now you will be wondering that why do they bother to do that?

It has been lately found out of the most recent scam rate on Facebook is alarming, which had many proof to hold into account. In other not to do a wrong accusation on your account, they try to monitor your offline activities outside Facebook with or without your data on. Which means they record all call made and all your gallery you dive into.


How is that possible?

In ethical hacking there is something called Keylogger this allow someone from the outside to see all activity been run on your computer. This might be done by inserting a gadget to your computer or if there is too much access to your computer they install a software to affirm their authorization in illegal way.

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Facebook seems fully aware that they cant do that since the time to to access all their user’s gadget is not possible and there is no way to visit them house to house to do that.

However, they had to get it done in any way, it is illegal to you as they intrude into your privacy, but is certain that you will surely download from Playstore or get an updated version of it from your friend through any sharing app. So they uploaded the Keylogger into their application which they know certainly you will have on your phone if you register with them.


How to navigate Facebook penetration to your phone.

Let get down to the business on how to identify the Facebook penetration and disable it to safe yourself from any form of business you are into that require privacy. Kindly follow the process chronologically to do that

Go to Facebook settings

Scroll down to Your Facebook Information

Click on Off-Facebook Activity.

You can see the list in Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.


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How do you deactivate this Facebook features

  • Setting
  • Click on ‘More Options’
  • Go into Manage Future Activity and turn it off.
  • You may want to clear the history as well

Before posting this, I just turned off my future activities and also cleared history.

The worst part is, Facebook does not bother to tell us.


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