Have You Found The Right Man Yet? Are You Still Searching?

Have You Found The Right Man Yet? Are You Still Searching?


My Ladies, are you dating or in a relationship? Listen, Pay close attention to a man whenever he speaks.

There are some vital information you may get from that conversation. Most people tends to treat conversation like a competitive sport, in which the person who says the most makes the cleverest point. Well, it shouldn’t be so.

You benefit more when you speak less. “Knowledge” they say, is “power “, how much you know makes more different to your long term success.

A person who’s talking is giving away information, when you listen, you get the information needed to act upon.
Stop admiring his handsome face when you should be listening.

Of course, he’s got a succulent lips, can you just listen first? The lips isn’t running away……you can do the kissing later.

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Uncle wants just two kids and he’s telling you about it but you are busy thinking of something else.

Then after marriage you’ll start disturbing him for more kids, thereby bringing up issues that should have been settled before your marriage. When uncle made it clear he just want two.

You just didn’t listen to him when he was telling you or maybe you thought he was just blabbing. Men don’t just say things, they mean it when they say it.

The only thing they might joke around with is their empty promises. But you see sensitive information, never think it’s a joke.

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There are some risks you wouldn’t take if only you listen carefully. Most women that come to complain about what’s going wrong in their marriages, may have seen some red flags while still in a relationship or courtship but they chose to ignore it.

When you listen, you’ll be able to find out or speak about upsetting problems.
If he brings up something you can’t bear in your marriage, don’t keep quiet as if you have no right.

Speak up and settle it then, before you finally marry and start regretting. Stop getting too desperate about marriage that you forget the important things.

Don’t forget, marriage is a life time commitment, not a play ground. Before you go in, make sure you understand the meaning of marriage and be prepared to dance to its beat.

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Stop interrupting and coming up with witticisms whenever your man is talking about something serious or vital.

Never compromise yourself when you feel uncomfortable. Speak up baby girl.
Listening to your partner shouldn’t be a chore tho, it’s a fundamental part of any relationship.

Learn to listen, it could save you from entering into wrong marriage.

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