Emton music industry is monopolized by Gospel artiste – picaxo Vinz

Emton music world is monopolized by Gospel artiste – picaxo Vinz

Emton music industry is monopolized by Gospel artiste – picaxo | Best rapper in jos | who is picaxo vinz | Best Artiste in Mangu LGA.

If you don’t know Picaxo vinz  then you probably don’t listen to much hip hop from the North, Jos  in particular.

Emton music industry | Who is picaxo vinz

picaxo vinz  is one of the most promising up and coming hip hop artist from Jos. Born in Mangu LGA  where he grew up and finished his primary and secondary school  Education before moving down to lagos and then Calabar where he stays and study.
The Award winning young rapper is best known for his music style of mixing English  with Hausa rap giving his lyrics a very unique style and cool vibez.
Also, he is well known for his controversial Comments and rants of being the Best Rapper in Jos. I’m sure you must have come across one of these post on his Facebook or Instagram page.
If not then you can follow picaxo vinz on his social handles below.
But then, is picaxo vinz actually the best rapper in jos currently, and what makes you claim the throne of being the best in that territory? We shall definitely get to the root of this best artiste in mangu LGA, jos.
Emton music world is monopolized by Gospel artiste – picaxo Vinz
You can follow this best artiste in mangu LGA as he claim best rapper in jos to see and understand who he claims that.
Well we know the Rapper doesn’t hold back his tongue when it comes to addressing issues surrounding the Music world.
Most especially in Mangu LGA  which is home to various prominent gospel Artist in plateau state the likes of Ezra jinang, pastor Andrew,  Jy jinang,  and other artist like Stage Davwet,  Micfix yenle , ThirdMuziq,  Ak Mugu, Marv249 ,  Dblaq , etc.
This time the Rapper took to his Facebook account and posted on his timeline that the music industry in Emton I.e Mangu  LGA  is being  monopolized  by the big gospel Artist and went further more to say that they don’t help or set platforms that upcoming artiste regardless of music genre can showcase their talents and excel as they have too.
Best rapper in jos
In his words he wrote …
“Emton’s  music industry has been monopolized  by our  so called Gospel musicians … you know them so I ain’t going to say shit” ..
“We do know the most successful musicians in Emton are Gospel musicians  and it does bothers me that this big  artist are not doing anything to see that other upcoming acts gets on top too . We literally have no platform on which we can stand on and build ourselves.”
“I know some people will attack me for saying this but it’s the truth ! And I don’t give a fuck whatsoever about your opinions .”
“If you’re an Emton’s upcoming artist,  it’s time  you stop this childish acts of feeling big !  We rise by lifting others.
Let’s build ourselves, by reposting each other,  collaborating , promoting ourselves, comment and compliment on our works, hype each other and the rest. Remember if one person blow na all of blow ! .
This post like usually has drawn some attentions and other musicians and fans are beginning to voice out their minds concerning the topic. Here are some few comments made .
Rotboy Gonet wrote  :
I relate to this 100% bruh. I grew up hearing em Ezra jinang, his brother JY Jinang and others. I almost believe that gospel music is the only sound accepted by the Emtons. As a matter of fact, u, Picaxo Vinz happens to be the first and only secular and hip hop artiste I know from Emton.
Nathan Francis wrote :
We forget the fact that mu  Yarran adamu ne  duka.And most of d upcoming artists can not swallow pride and dobale for each other shi yassa we find it hard to grow.
Organise shows towards like December may be give it a tittle and celebrate it every year then post it on pages.By then za a San da Emton because God can do it a memakon su simple….
Hey, it been an amazing moment to listen and understand this young Man’s claim and I think most of us are convinced he is the best artiste in mangu, LGA, best rapper in jos and should be respected in time of opinion and personality.
We look forward to hearing from this great icon.


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[…] Read also: Emton music industry is monopolized by Gospel artiste – picaxo Vinz […]

[…] Read also: Emton music industry is monopolized by Gospel artiste – picaxo Vinz […]

Isa nuhu
June 19, 2020 6:41 pm

Thank you for standing for the truth ya a good blogger !!