Empowerment As Voice of Every Woman

Empowerment is voice of every woman. But voice of some women out there have gone a long way in either developing the society or belittling the society. This is why it is important and crucial for a woman to be empowered positively so as to effect a positive, effective and a growth-driven society, hence, the need for this post.

What is Empowerment?

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines Empowerment as a state or means to give somebody more control over their life or the situation they are in. In simple terms, empowerment is a way in which an individual is built or trained and taught so as to be able to stand on his or her own. What disposition does empowerment give you when it comes to your mind? It can be getting someone adapted, acquainted or used to a particular thing or situation through continuous efforts put into training and developing, so that such a person can do such on their without any external influence.
Before an individual can decide to be empowered or before someone somewhere decides to empower people in a particular area or region, that means factors like thirst for knowledge, unavailability of necessary infrastructure, passion driven towards a particular skill or career, lack of capital to set up, etc. have gotten to their peak. There is no gender restriction to empowerment at all. Every person needs to be empowered for a society to grow.

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Why should a woman be empowered?

As earlier mentioned in the sub-topic above that empowerment is not render-restricted, this post focuses on reasons and ways a woman can be empowered. So, why do you think a woman needs to be empowered? Okay, I want you to follow me keenly as we both dive into reasons why a woman needs to be empowered.

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A woman needs to be empowered for her to actualize her dreams and aspirations. Definitely, she has her own set goals and will want to ensure she achieves what she has purposed in her heart.

Also, a woman needs to be empowered to build her self-esteem. So many women are of low self-esteem because of their color, size, race, stature, town, background and so many self-acclaimed reasons. A fellow woman should be able to help boost her fellow woman’s self-esteem. This can be done through empowerment.

Moreover, she needs to be empowered so as to know her worth. A woman needs to know her worth by being aware of what she deserves and asking for it. She needs to be trained and empowered to be brave so she can face challenges and overcome them triumphantly.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can help empower women. This can be done through several means like supporting their dreams and aspirations, making donations, giving your time to hear them out, etc.
Empowerment of every woman lies in everyone’s hands. You ask, how? A woman can only be empowered when she is given the opportunity to improve herself through the means explained below.

How Can A Woman Be Empowered?

Having laid the foundation on what empowerment means and why a woman needs to be empowered, it is of crucial importance for us to know ways through which a woman can be empowered. There are several ways a woman can be empowered. A woman can be empowered by her fellow woman or the opposite gender- man, which significantly means that it is not mandatory that a woman be empowered by the opposite gender.

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Yeah, the first empowerment tool that comes to your mind is education, right? With the revolution and development of the world entirety, it is really needed and helpful for a woman to be empowered through education. Through quality education, young ladies get acquainted with their fundamental human rights. Education is the bedrock to establish a significant impact in a girl’s life. It’s not only exposes them with their fundamental human rights, but also expose them to a wide range of opportunities and yet-to-be birthed ideas in them. This empowerment tool further enlightens the girls to successful women who are of great influence in the society. This, not only adds to their knowledge, but also motivates and inspires them to want to do more so they can be successful too. In essence, a formal education is a highly needed for a lady to be of great influence in the society and the world at large.

  • Woman Can Be Empowered Through Business Setups and Development

Thinking of how else a woman can be empowered, what next comes to your mind? Business!? So many people are into business of all sorts today. Different businesses are birthed from interests and passion. Definitely, you can’t start a business you don’t have interest in or a business you don’t know anything about. With all the knowledge and research gotten for the business, so many businesses are stagnant without the hope of developing. Of course, there are goals to be reached for the business but when the most essential thing is not available or enough, a business starves growth. And what is the most essential or important a business needs to grow? Money, right? This is where empowerment comes in. A business without the capital needed to start up is still an idea. Women can be empowered through the provision of necessary needs like money, equipment, etc.

  • A woman can be empowered through technology

Technology is developing day after day with all lots of ideas and innovations. There is virtually nothing a human does that a machine can’t do better. Right? For instance, in the days of old, women use their hands to grind pepper, locust beans, etc., but nowadays, technology has made it a lot easier for women to grind anything through the use of grinder, blender which she can control t suit her paste type. This and more machines are being made available and worked on for more improvements to enhance the work being done.
It is of great pity that so many women out there do not know or don’t even think such exists. This can be because of their rural areas where technology is not really at their reach. How can this be amended to ensure these women are not left out of the growth being experienced in urban areas? Empowerment! Yeah, these ones can only be aware of technologies available to ease the work stress through empowerment and enlightenment. The lack of knowledge about technologies is not only limited to rural area dwellers, but can also happen to urban dwellers that lack adequate exposure and update about the development made in the technology industry. Getting acquainted and exposed through various means is an added advantage to a woman who is passionate about developing herself technologically.

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These and many more tools are ways through which a woman can be empowered. This, not adds to the woman’s growth, but also improves the society, making it a well-structured society inhabited with people passionate about their growth.
With all these discussions, you will agree with me that a woman’s voice to be empowered should not be taken lightly but seriously.

Please, it will be appreciated if you can share opinions with us on this topic. Thank you.

Author : Grace Oyebamiji


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