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There are so many discussions and articles surrounding the term, Academics, by different writers. Often times, I have found myself in situations where so many persons give important reasons why they are studying a particular course. So many persons are either influenced by their parents or even pressurized by their parents or talked in by their friends or peer group influence. It is not surprising to hear an individual tell you that, he or she is studying a particular course due to the pressure of his or her parents or because it’s what his or her parents want. Really?? And so, you find this kind of person putting little or no effort into his or her academics.
The major factor of some students’ failure has been traced to be Parental pressure. You see a parent forcing his or her child to study courses like medicine, law, pharmacy, engineering and all other ‘professional’ courses. You know why? This is because the notion most parents have concerning the courses above is that they are courses that professionalize or even courses that make a child valuable, important, notable and worthy in the society. I do not agree with this, Do you? Due to the pressure and influence of the parents, you see a child paying less attention to the course, thereby causing failure. A child should be given the freedom to choose whatever it is he or she want to study.
The role of a parent in their child’s academics should be to support, encourage, help, advise, pray for and also give listening ears to them. A child should be given the liberty to study and go for whatever pleases him or her. Apart from the professional courses, there are courses that can be of interest to a child. It can be Linguistics and African Languages, Physical and Health Education, English Language, Mass Communication, International Relations, Dramatic/Theatre Arts and so many others. There are notable people in these areas. All he or she need do is just to find out your area of interest, work on it, develop yourself, pay close attention to the course. I mean give the course your whole attention and put in more efforts into succeeding in the course of study.
Furthermore, you should ensure that you do your personal research and find out opportunities attached to the course. This will further enlighten and add to your knowledge of the course. Remember, when you do what you love, you will definitely give in your best even in the face of challenges.

Reflective Questions;

  1. Are you a victim of Parental pressure or influence in the area of choosing your career?
  2. How do you feel and how do you plan to go about ensuring that you study what you love?
  3. What is your take on Parental Influence on a child’s academics?

I will love to hear your view to the reflective questions listed above…
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Author : Grace Oyebamiji
About the Author :  Oyebamiji Grace Adeola.
A Graduate of the Department of English Language, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. A writer who writes passionately and diligently. She is also an English Communicator who is doing everything possible to develop both her writing and communication/presentation skills.


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