A Shift From The Former Life ( Positive To Negative Lifestyle )

A shift from the former life ( positive to Negative lifestyle )

A shift from the former life has happened to so many people in time past and they have always regretted it.

I believe after reading this post, you become more careful and watchful in other not to be a victim of “A shift from the former life

Wondering what a shift from the former life means abi.

Don’t worry, I will tell you, but let’s discuss this important testimony from a final year university student. Who started his university education in UNIBEN and his about to conclude his university education in Ebonyi State University.

Shall we…

O yes, let’s hear the story.

A young man named Ferdinand who is supposedly to be of the age 19 to 20 years old got admitted into one of the prestigious universities in south south Nigeria, Edo state, UNIBEN precisely, but heed not to the words of his parents.

To cut the story short,
He used to be among the chore in his church before he got admitted, but on this burning day, things changed for him before there was a little shift from the former life..

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He joined cultism and his days became a burning one
But today, he has done a burning ritual and his life has become a sweet one just like the former before the shift.
What does a shift from the former life means.

A shift from the former life simply means a turn away from the acceptable or rightful known way of acting or performing to the one that differs from the known.

This shift former the former life may also mean a situation or state whereby one goes astray.

In Yoruba, an ethnic Nigeria language, such a thing is regarded as radarada
Well, most people in the countries across wish or desire so much to listen to Pidgin English.

“A shift from former life in Pidgin English simply means”

Person wey comot from the normal thing wey em be dey do come dey do another thing wey dey contrary to his former lifestyle”

Learn pidgin English

Now, let’s quickly look at 4 consequences of a shift from former lifestyle.

Consequences of Shifting from former Lifestyle.

  • Failure

Failure is one thing a bad life tends to exhibit at the last day. I know many people who has story’s like

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” I started as born again child, but look at me today. I am in this mess cos of my reckless lifestyle.

  • Disappointment

When you move from the good side of living to the negative side, disappointment awaits you.

Your parents will be disappointed in you,

Your friends will be disappointed in you,

And your society may not find joy in loving you.

The last part of it is when your maker is disappointed in you.

Don’t allow that to happen.

  • Diseases/illness

In the university, she is never satisfied with one guy.

She goes here and there, party from up street to down street. Goes around with rich and famous men,

But she never for once thought of the risk involved.

Her eyes got opened when she test positive to HIV/AIDS.

May that not be your story.

  • Disfiguration from beatuy to ugly

She used to be very beautiful and charming, but look her today..


Keep yourself and your beauty whether you are a man or a man.

Don’t get yourself involved in a big mess as a result of shift from former life dues to one or two reason which are not reasonable reasons.

How to do a burning ritual to remain strong in a lifestyle

The simple way of doing that is Don’t back down

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A shift from the former life ( positive to Negative lifestyle )

Why and how mistake can be avoided

Mistakes can be made known or unintentional, but what matters is the ability to resist from the continua of it.

I have made So many mistakes and they were never called For.

Although I regret all I did , but I have to thank God for the last life to be happy.

The best way to avoid is to regret doing it so you won’t do it again.

Have discussed convincingly on “A shift from the former life” you have now come to understand what it means as I had earlier told you it is a move from the previous way of doing thing to another which may be harmful or regretful.

Also, we listed and elaborated on 4 consequences of a shift from the former life and we made Mention of things like; Disappointment, diseases/illness, disfiguration from beauty to ugly, failure.

Finally, we talked on how to do a burning ritual and also why and how a mistake can be avoided.

I hope this article is useful to you as it main purpose of publication is to motivate you, touch and educate you to become a better you.


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