A 22 year old Girl Explain Her Experience About Pandemic Corona Virus

A 22 year old girl explain her experience about Pandemic Corona Virus

A 22 year old girl explain her experience about Pandemic Corona Virus. The girl who had been a victim put into her effort to state how she got to be diagnosed after alot of strange symptoms.

She wrote;
“I’m 22 years old and I tested positive for Covid-19 . I’ve been debating on posting, but I want to share my experience especially with those around my age to help bring awareness and to relieve any stress/anxiety some may have due to the pandemic.
Day 1: It started with a mild DRY cough and a slightly sore throat. I was very tired that night.
Day 2: I felt a lot of pressure in my head to the point I would have to cough softly to avoid the discomfort. That night, I experienced chills and had a fever. One main symptom that stood out to me, my eyes physically hurt. They were tender and sore.

“Moving them was uncomfortable. Doing some research I discovered this was just a migraine, but it didn’t go away at ALL. I slept all day.
Day 3: Energy levels VERY low, I only slept, and still ran fevers. At this point, my symptoms were: dry cough, migraine, fever, chills, some nausea. I decided to go to the doctors where I tested negative for the flu and strep.
“The doctor told me I probably just had an infection and prescribed me antibiotics and 800mg of ibuprofen. I made sure to stay extremely hydrated and stocked up on vitamins and probiotics. That night, I still ran a fever.
Day 4: Finally no more fever, but a new symptom showed up: shortness of breath. It was uncomfortable, it felt like I had bricks on my chest. I tried the self diagnose test I read online (hold your breath and count to 10) which I successfully did with no complications.

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“At this point, I wanted to test for corona like I should have been in the first place, but It was very difficult to get tested for it!!! I continued to self-quarantine and hydrate hydrate HYDRATE!
Day 5: Symptoms: sore throat, cough, shortness of breath. I went to the same doctor and I was very adamant about getting tested. The doctor said my vitals were “unremarkable” but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer! I also requested chest X-rays, everything came out normal.
“I was advised to continue self-quarantine, and I would receive my results in 5-6 DAYS!!!!!
Day 6 – With the continued use of antibiotics and ibuprofen, my symptoms were: sore throat, cough, shortness of breath. My energy levels began to increase.

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Day 7 – Symptoms: slight sore throat, mild cough, shortness of breath. Energy levels increasing.
Day 8 – Symptoms: Mild cough, starting to feel like me again. Energy!
Day 9 – Symptoms: My cough was a little heavier, normal energy levels.

Day 10 – Symptoms: Mild cough, mucus, normal energy levels. My lab results came in: POSITIVE to Covid-19.


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