6 Strange Laws in Thailand You Must know

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Have you wondered what kind of law exist in Thailand or perhaps how offenders of these laws are treated? It would be my pleasure to for you to find out how non law abiding citizens are being punished after committing an offence by disobeying the  laws of government of Thailand.

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6 Strange Laws in Thailand You Must know

The following 6 strange laws in Thailand will have you amazed and I am sure whether you are from Thailand or not, you will respect these laws of Thailand.

List of Strange Laws in Thailand to know

It is for your own good to note that the following list of laws in Thailand are strange but it is a must know and abide.

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It’s illegal to leave the house without your underwear on.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not accustomed to strolling the streets sans pants, so this particular law isn’t exactly something I feel like I really need to think about.

That said, if you do have a penchant for airy nethers, I don’t really see how this law can be checked or enforced, so you’re probably safe. Just don’t head out without your trousers, too – that’d be a dead giveaway.

It’s a crime to step on any Thai currency.

Again, this isn’t one I think is particularly difficult to avoid. Personally, I don’t go to the trouble of switching my currency only to fling it on the pavement and start trampling it, but just in case it’s a hobby of yours, consider your time in Thailand an enforced detox from it.

It’s a punishable offence to throw (used) chewing gum on the pavement.

I wouldn’t really class this one as silly – unusual, perhaps, but not out-and-out silly. Plus, it’s one that’s definitely worth bearing in mind because there’s a pretty hefty fine if you get caught (nearly £400). The penalty for skipping that fine? Jail. That’s one costly piece of littering.

You mustn’t drive a car shirtless.

Clearly this is only something to think about if you’re planning on hiring a car, but since us Brits do tend to be keen to whip off as many clothes as possible as soon as the temperature becomes mildly warm, it’s probably one that’s worth bearing in mind.

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It’s a criminal offence to be critical of the king or other members of the Thai royal family.

I had a little trouble deciding whether this one should fall into the ‘unusual’ or ‘serious’ category, because in my opinion it fits both. But as you can see, the weirdness of it won in the end.

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The sentence for being caught making defamatory comments – known as Lese Majeste – is usually three to 15 years (sometimes more!) in prison, though, making it no laughing matter – so mind your Ps and Qs

It is now offence to live a pornography lifestyle.

Few days ago, the government of Thailand has taken to the general public to announce the ban of pornhub, a top website that shows pornography and other illicit sexual acts. Although the citizens especially the lovers of pornhub are protesting against this new law by the government of Thailand, but seems they won’t get anything goof as reinstation.

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Final Thought

The 6 Strange Laws in Thailand you know wasn’t made to you out of fun, but as it in the Thailand book of law. The new Law in Thailand this 2020 is no more pornography as it goes against the law and believe of Thailand government. Nownaijs news portal reporter is happy you have learnt some fee things about thailand legal practitioner as well as Thailand laws. You will be update more on latest happenings in Thailand

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