6 Sign That Shows She Truly Love You, If She Doesn’t Say I Love You.

Many of us would be wondering if our claimed girlfriend really loves us, because she find it difficult to say it to you whenever you see or when you speak on phone. Girls always feel shy to say that as it is newly discovered by our research.

They strongly believe love resides in the heart not always what we say by mouth and they think they better keep it to their self alone. However this has been the major issue we guys pound all time and yet refuse to give a promising solution.
In this article we explain some of attitude a lady will put on towards you to show you are truly loved by her, which are listed below;

1.She always responds to your texts fairly quickly

It baffles most men when they text their partner and require a life time for him to get a reply. A lady who is always into and love you truly out of her million friend she chat with she will always find the best and fastest time to reply, you will be the no 1 priority to chat with, or be it text. She will always love talking to you in any form of conversation you engage in.

2. She says “YES” whenever you ask to hang out with her

A girl that love you will always willing to go out with you every time, to you I don’t have the time will not be in her dictionary. Though she has a life of her own to live but she will always make time for you out of her busy schedule, even though there are other things to pay attention to she will always make you the center of her attention.

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3. She get used to your “mannerism” and “behaviour”

Attitude defines us totally, and no behaviours is perfect. A girl who truly loves you will never condemn your attitude even if she doesn’t like she will always wish you are the one that will notice her reaction towards any action you put on anytime. She’s willingly (or maybe subconsciously) takes on a lot of your mannerism and habits.
Studies have however reveal that we tend to emulate a lot of you’re the traits, qualities, and habits of the people we are most attracted to. And so you can bet that she’s in love with if she is adopting some of your attitude, also never complain on any of them.

4. She gives you a fair amount of compliments.

She persistently feed you with compliment to make you feel better about yourself. She’s always express how much she truly likes you, this doesn’t mean that she will tell you she love you but she will always tell you reason she love you and that she can’t share you also will let you know reason she can’t afford living you.

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5. She’s always jealous.

A girl that truly loves you will try all to curtail her jealous attitude for you not to notice but anytime she sees you with another girl her facial expression speaks about nothing other than jealousy. She always wants you to be with her alone and will not want you with another woman.

6. She always flirts with you

She always flirt you, always doing whatever it takes to make herself attracted to you and to keep her man between her thigh, she will make you will like she is doing all in her power to make things alright for you.

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Author : Adekanmi Praise Adesola


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April 3, 2020 9:21 am

Wow…….this is so true and accurate

April 5, 2020 5:06 pm