[5G] Proven Connection between 5G and Coronavirus?

The 5G conspiracy theories are so sickening.

I’m tired of explaining 5G to people, I think we are all free to believe whatever we choose to believe.

But before you believe anything, do your own personal findings and research, not just with some random forwarded messages.

However, I will gladly explain again if you care to know.

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5G means 5th Generation, like other existing 2G, 3G, 4G we are already using on our phones for browsing and other internet connections..

As technology advances so there is need for increase in internet connections, which has lead to advancement from 2G -> 3G -> 4G and now 5G.

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But What makes 5G different?

What makes all the Gs different from each other is the increase in frequency they are operating at.

Frequency Differences
  • 4G frequency is btw 2.500Mhz to 6000ghz.
  • 5G frequency is btw 6000Mhz to 96000Mhz

MHz is what they use to measure frequency.

Ha! So that means 5G Must be dangerous, I has up to 96,000🚫. Is it?

What the increase in frequency actually does is that it increases the speed of connection and their capacity,
That is why 3G is better than 2G, 4G better than 3G and Of course 5G better than all of them, because of the higher frequency.


But here is the funny thing about the increase in their frequency, most especially about 5G ( The higher the frequency, the lower the wavelength )
It means as the frequency increases, it reduces it’s power to go far, it can easily be stopped by buildings, trees e.tc. although it has great speed and power.
So 5G can only cover few metres from its mast unlike 3g, 4g that covers everywhere with few mast in a city.

How can 5G be used in a city/town if it can’t go far and the health effects?

To use 5G in a city, they have to install 5G mast every where in the city.
Imagine something like wi-fi – routers, to use wi-fi you have to install routers everywhere. So they may have to install thousands of 5G Mast before it can circulate because one mast can only cover some metres.

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So with that amount of masts to be installed, is 5G radiation harmful?

There are actually two types of radiations.

Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

Ionizing radiation can damage cells & alter DNA information WHILE non-ionizing radiation does not have enough energy to damage cells or DNA or penetrate skin.
The type of radiation determines the kind of danger it can cause.

So what type of radiation do 5G radiate?

5G radiation is non-ionizing radiation, just like 2G, 3G, 4G and radiations from your phones.

The safe radiation frequency level by health is btw
0 – 300,000Mhz

And 5G maximum frequency level is 96, 000Mhz

Now let’s address the Conspiracy theories with your new understanding about 5G

5G cannot cause Coronavirus, 5G emit radio waves that me and you have been using all our lives.
Over 30 counties havevbeen using 5G since the beginning of 2019 and
Wuhan China started in November 2019.
5G radiation cannot kill, it does not generate heat, it cannot even penetrate.
Even harmful radiation can only damage cells, DNA and not create Virus.

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Nobody can be installing 5G mast without you knowing, it is not something they will bury and it will be working, it is like an antenna, it has to be everywhere in the city because it has short range. Nigeria has not even fully utilised 4G not to talk of 5G. 5G is not a secret technology, it is the next generation and it is inevitable. πŸ‘‰

I hope i have been able to enlighten one or two people although there are alot of scientific terms which might explain further and sorry about some typos.

However, I stand to be corrected or challenged with proven facts and figures, Thank you.

Author :Osta

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