1 million boys: What 1 million boys are looking for and how to stop them.

1 million boys has turn out to be an insurgency in the country, Nigeria. There is no dispute that this 1 million boys are like location boys, agbero, Nigerian criminals and different comparable associate.

These 1 million boys are now in each and every where in the state, and if care is not taken, it will result to any other international insurgence.

A politician (name withheld for some reasons) whom nownaijs media agent okafor Daniel was opportuned to have a word with in a broadcast by using channel TV said,

1 million boys are simply another set of young boys who are simply like agbero and very rampant in Lagos state, are to be viewed as those stuffed with hunger, greed and sexual desires.

These human beings are being misled via a challenging agbero who have come out of mushin, agege, shomolu, Bariga or any other place  filled with tough agbero.

I million boys caught

Hey, earlier than searching at what 1 million boys are looking for, let’s rapidly run a check on what Nigerians have been announcing about these boys.

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Are you ready?

Police officers are completely patrolling areas like Oworo, Ifako Waterside, Mushin, Oshodi, Bariga etc to ensure the worry of any form of attacks from unknown humans are allayed. This exercising will be carried out all thru the day and night to fix the self assurance of the people.

For more go to https://t.co/vNykg5zej4

Above photo is a tweet from Lagos state police command over 1 million boys.

Are you finding this interesting?

Another one is,

1 million boys got here to our vicinity in the night that’s how rain began falling. We sha opened the door for them to enter. Never pay evil with evil.

See tweet of Babatunde olalere Gbadamosi below

Who are these One Million Boys that the Authorities are ignoring?
LASPOTECH 1st Gate in Ikorodu is now occupied through them.

See this one oooo

Yabaleft also tweeted

#LagosUnrest : Guy offers hilarious cause why he quit guarding his road towards 1 million boys. » https://t.co/q7cEwJPiAk

See photos below

Now, let’s appear the variety of operations carried out by using this 1 million boys.

You will agree with me that these boys sense themselves to be effective and undefeated. Though, their wide variety might also now not reap million in count, but the multitude can no longer be overridden.

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One factor about these boys is that they usually send later to their subsequent targeted area.

Their letter is always like this,

Alert! Alert!! Alert!!! the robbers stated, “We the undefeated One Million Boys will go to your vicinity soon. Keep massive money for us and if you fail to do so, we will cut off your body parts  for the length of the operations”.


1 million boys

Well, some challenging boys in some locations are always geared up for them. The below letter is response from aguda boys to 1 million boys informing the boys of their readiness and alertness.

What 1 million boys are definitely looking for

There is no doubt that the want of these boys are now not but the following listed below.

  • Money
  • Sex
  • Test of power
  • Superiority over different boys

Are 1 million boys strong as they have assumed?

Don’t be scared of 1 million boys, they are no longer as strong as human beings assumed them to be.

On the 20th April, 2020, about 8 of them have been killed in mushin area, two killed in palm avenue, 3 killed in badagry and different places they have visited.

Where 1 million boys originated from

The so known as one million boys are  believed to have had their formation from agege. At initial, the establishment was once to defend their area and used to be fashioned by means of whole quantity of about 20 Agbero in that area.

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Why 1 million boys became evil to the neighborhood they have been protecting

Of a truth, these boys have been protecting their community, however as the quantity increased, some started out to steal, others started to rape female and some even go the excessive of maiming human beings who refused to supply them “owo” (money, cash, ego).

What to do to end 1 million boys from operating

Quickly, let’s seem at what Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi tweeted and the reply he received from #concerned_citizens. The two has the solution to stopping these boys.

First, look at Babatunde Gbadamosi tweet

I quote

Who are these One Million Boys that the Authorities are ignoring?
LASPOTECH 1st Gate in Ikorodu is now occupied by them.

Second, look at #concerned_citizens reply

Nothing like one million boys, they are the normal Lagos vicinity boys that some people usually engage throughout election to snatch and burn ballot papers. Now election is over , they are hungry and they must eat. We are all in it together. Even gov .@jidesanwoolu appear helpless.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe in this covid-19 era

Drop your concept below and share to others.

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