NEMA Gives Warning to 28 Nigerian State on Upcoming Flood

NEMA’s director-general, Muhammadu Muhammed, in a statement on Friday, July 10, made it known that from the yearly Seasonal Rainfall Prediction (SRP) and Annual Flood Outlook (AFO) released by the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA), Kaduna will be one of the affected states.

a group of people walking down a dirt road: NEMA on Friday, July 10, warned that there will be flood in not less than 28 states of Nigeria. Source: Facebook

NEMA on Friday, July 10, warned that there will be flood in not less than 28 states of Nigeria. Source: Facebook

Muhammed specifically stated that the Kaura and Zaria local government areas of the state will be hit by the flood, The Cable reports.

To avert disasters that might possibly ensue from this natural occurrence, the NEMA boss called on state governments to organise humanitarian coordination meetings to get stakeholders ready.

He said: “That refuse, weeds, water hyacinths should be removed from drainages, water channels and all avenues for river run-offs so as to allow free flow of floodwaters.”

Meanwhile,  report state that following a destructive deluge in Lagos state that left houses and firms in Lekki community in ruins and shambles on Wednesday, June 17, Nigerians on social media voiced out their shock and utter displeasure.

A heavy downfall hit Lagos and overpowered streets in major communities, leaving motors and commuters stranded.

Nigerians had reacted to the flood and shared videos of how residents of the state struggled with motorists to find their ways.

A social media user wrote: “Shebi everytime you are shouting that mainland is not part of Lagos, small rain and you are already disturbing my line with calls “Victor can I put up with you in ikorodu for some days?” Shey my house resemble Noah’s Ark ni? My dear stay in your Lekki and swim your way to freedom.”

Sharing the video of the flood, another user wrote: “Water will always find its level. Keep pushing them away, they knew where they came from.”

Another Nigerian wrote: “If you reside in Lekki or you have plans to Visit Lekki today, just forget it or get a boat. Everywhere river as we speak. Reporting live from River Lekki Lagos.”



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