PHILLS INSTITUTE (Learn Soap Making)

PHILLS INSTITUTE NG offers services such as liquid soap making, Laundry soap and production of antiseptic soaps. They are new masters of soap making.

Do you know as a student you can become an entrepreneur by producing a large volume of dish/handwashing liquid soap manually and sell it to your fellow students and the staffs in your school?

Goodnews, PHILLS INSTITUTE  NG are experts in the production of high quality antiseptic bathing soap, laundry soap and dish/handwashing liquid soap.

Actually, the production of antiseptic bath soap and laundry soap require the use of some machineries.

Hence, it’s difficult to be taught online. Whereas, the production of dish/handwashing liquid soap can be taught online as it can be done manually! This is why PHILLS INSTITUTE began conducting a fully—supervised master online class for interested individuals at a very  Price.

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In a Physical class,you would use #30,000 and above to learn the production of high quality dish/handwashing liquid soap while you would use just N2500 to learn it in their  class online.

Note: The tuition fee is likely to be increased after July 23,2020.

This is an opportunity you would not want to miss!. Enroll with PHILLS INSTITUTE.

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