How to Get Free Airtel Data 2gb

How to Get Free Airtel Data 2gb

The pandemic has forced many of us into financial constraint, and the inability of this country to provide WI-FI for all seems challenging as we often spend more on data which force to do seven monthly subscription in a month.

However, Nownaijs  has come up with a solution by providing tips on how to get free Airtel Data 2gb

Airtel now giving out free 2GB data to all there users/subscribe A lot of people are using this offer already and I wish to share it to you guys today.

You don’t need to spend a single penny to get this great offer from Airtel. So, to get your own data kindly follow the steps listed below.

Requirement on how to get free Airtel Data 2gb

After you’ve downloaded your Airtel app install it and lauch it. Then you will be asked to input your airtel number just do so and one time verification code is going to be send to your phone.After you’ve finish registration, they will give you 2GB

PS : You can still accumulate it and make it 10GB.

How to Accumulate Free Airtel Data 2gb

After you’ve gotten 2GB, just try to share your referral link out to people. Once they start downloading with your link they will be giving you additional 50MB data for one refer.

Do you know that also award those of you who purchases Airtel Data daily for one week. You will be given free 65 MB +10MiN every seven days.

If you want to be part of those winners just dial *363*1# and you will receive this offer.

Airtel also give free 100 minutes for 7 days

Just dial *544*1# and you will receive this offer.

NOTE – It works for all Airtel simcard, If you already enjoy data of this nature before, the solution is that get a new sim and enjoy your data. New sim, New date

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