Movies are memories. No better way to describe the characters we try to live out, the dialogues we try to copy, and the stories we try reenact. One aspect of movies, however that we hardly focus on is the music. Little has been said of how the music sets our mood and ingrains in our hearts the sounds of the stories we love long after the pictures fade. I’ll be sharing 3 of the most memorable and dramatic soundtracks we all love

1. Never Enough from the movie The Greatest Showman -The 2017 movie centring on the life of the 19th century American Showman is a commercial and critical success. The movie takes us into the life and times of an American entrepreneur and father of modern showbiz. Particularly interesting is the story’s focus on Barnum’s personal life and the impact of it on his success. Not only that, but we’re also made to see his dilemma when he achieved his much desired success. Does he stay true to his family or flows with the distant tide of success? Here is where the Never Enough song comes in with its powerful lyrics pointing out the insatiability of success, wealth and fame if it’s devoid of loved ones. Surely a lot of us would find all we’re craving Never Enough without loved ones to share with!

2. Young and Beautiful from the movie The Great Gatsby – The 1925 novel by Scott F Fitzgerald is an all-time classic. How wouldn’t it be so? It’s a story of the crazy good life and the beauty of the American dream. Set in the prosperous period of the roaring 20s just before the Great Depression, the 2013 motion picture adaptation brought life to the story. Starring the likes of Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire the movie is acclaimed for its picture quality and vivid costume, but not only for that. The movie soundtrack, Young and Beautiful is a great device in the plot progression of the movie. Coming at the highest point of Gatsby’s bliss and emphasising his timeless love for Daisy. Lana del Rey’s melancholic voice lends the song a touch of sweet sadness at the knowledge of beauty’s inevitable end and the curiosity of lovers’ reactions to this. Will you still love that beauty when she’s no longer Young and Beautiful.

3. My Heart Will Go on from Titanic – When Titanic was released in ’97, it had the highest budget for a single movie at the time. A whooping 200 million dollars budget. The fictional retelling of the 1912 shipwreck is arguably the most romantic story in modern Big screen. What many remember the story for, however is “that Celine Dion” song. It remains – after 20 years – the ultimate love song. A perfect close to the sad story of a young couple cut short at prime, as we see Rose and Jack reunite to the applause of other victims of the shipwreck. Dearly Beloved, My Heart Will Go on.

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